10 Interesting Helpful Features of Android 11

The Android 11 Beta is available now for testing and feedback! Although the full public release is not yet available, some people can have an early look at the Beta version 1.5.  

The finished product is estimated to go out on September 2020, but people who have Google Pixel 2, 3, 3a or 4 can download it online.

Google features new ways of serving customers, ultimately creating a new interface of quick controls and easy access. Some of these features changed the interface and might take some adjusting, but finally, they’ve revamped the system for heavy multitasking, perfect for handling all your different applications.  

So, what can we look forward to? 

Android has taken in a system that best suits our needs, adapting features from our favorite applications. It emphasizes the multimedia experience by giving a broader set of controls, even when running applications simultaneously.  

  • Conversations come out of bubble chat boxes. It can be used for your emails and messages.  
  • The Beta improved media controls, allowing you to switch on output devices like Bluetooth headphones to the speakers of your Smart TV  
  • The update also made the interface easier on the user’s eyes. Dark theme is added, and you can try using a Night Shield, which will reduce the blue light in a preset time.  
  • Android 11 adapted an app-friendly interface, and on the home screen, instead of the pinned apps, they would display the frequently used apps.  
  • Multitasking is an enhanced experience with Android 11. Media players have their own widgets, and there is a feature on resizing the picture-in-picture video when in play.   
  • Notification options are upgraded and organized according to priority. Android 11 lets you segregate your tasks according to preference, and then stacked the order you prefer to view   
  • You can now pin apps to your share sheets. This is helpful to users who want to link multiple social media accounts and share them in one click.  

The security of Android 11 is monitored with the enhanced settings of permissions requests. Most users are familiar with the flooding of permission demands when using Applications, and the recent update gives us a solution.  

  • Instead of the multiple permissions needed to run an app, you give permission ‘just once’ and review what parts the app accesses in your phone through settings.  
  • Zombie App Permission secures your phone by revoking permissions’ access to the phone when the app has not been in use for the last 60-90 days.  

For users who have smart devices, the communications options are now available to your phone.   

  • The Device Control hub operates when you long-press the power button, and the menu pop-up comes out. This is customizable to list what smart devices you want to control  

There are many more features and surprises not yet revealed in the Beta. Here are some honorable mentions that are being planned to be included in Android 11:  

  • Easy Edit Screenshots  
  • Themes and New icon shapes  
  • Built-in Screen Recorder  
  • 5G state API  

So here are some of the new features we can look forward to. This is going to be an exciting wait before the release. 

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