How to cultivate your creativity

Did you hit the rock bottom? Are you staring at the wall? Have you spent the day wondering why your thoughts went out of the window?

Everybody has that phase. It’s not something to beat yourself about. Sometimes we have good days and ideas come by faster than your hands can catch up. But others, you’d spend hours, to days and weeks without the thought ever coming back.

Or are you the first-timer? Did you try something new: a design, an idea or a project that could be monumental if only you could write it down?

Is it time to give up?

Of course not! It’s all about cultivating your creativity. Creativity is not a random spark at any time of the day. It is the use of your imagination and turning ideas to reality. By gathering a pool of your knowledge, wisdom, insight, and inspiration you gain resource and the ability to combine or recreate them in extraordinary and new ways.

You don’t have to master your job to be creative. You don’t need to rip your hair out for a new idea. You just need a few hacks to awaken that creative side of you. Are you ready to be creative?

Here are some easy to follow steps that are effective and timeless:

Do something unique

How inspired are you to work? If this was a project you simply wanted to complete in any and the fastest way possible, then that’s not being creative. Creativity comes from making something, building something from the resource pool called your mind. And to create something, you need to strive to be original.

Why something original? First, nobody has ever done it. Creativity is all about making the first move. Second, you may be surprised by your own answers. What you want to do and how you want to do it will result in a unique answer that only you can accomplish. Therefore, make yourself proud.

The brightest creativity sparks out from your emotions, patterns or ideas. Do something you would enjoy, something you would work hard enough to accomplish.

Sometimes when you get stuck, you have to ask yourself the basic question: WHY? Why are you doing this? Ideas came from strong motivation. Creativity comes from being honest with yourself. Who are you? What do you want? What do you have to do? Creativity follows no rules and has no boundaries.

Have positive mindset

It’s impossible, only because nobody has ever made it possible.


Sometimes, it’s about the mindset. It’s an internal struggle with your inner demons. Negative thoughts fuel anxiety, leading to self-defeating thoughts. This will lead you to frustration and stress that we know all too well, leading to both physical and mental deterioration. Most importantly, thinking the impossible will lead you to be blind to the answer that could be sitting right in front of you.

Take a break and take a breather. Go do meditation or classes that help you control your thoughts and give you clarity. Creativity works with a clear mind. It works even better to a mind that believes.

We are creative by default. Utilizing your thoughts to their full advantage leads to better results. Creativity is a skill that gains confidence with the more time we use it.

Expand your social circle

More people mean more ideas. If you want to be creative you need to learn from others as much as they learn from you.

Nobody mastered being creative out of nothing. It starts from an idea that you hold. Alone, you can master yourself, understand your thoughts enough to control them to your advantage. But with others, you can learn to be better and surpass your former self.

Why? First, comparing yourself to others, learning their unique styles would be adding resources to your own. Second, they will teach you mistakes that you possibly missed about yourself. Third, working as a team is a whole new experience.

Apply what you’ve learned

Do you know what’s the best way to know if you’re creative? By applying it.

Creativeness doesn’t stop when an idea is hatched and executed. That’s a great way to report your progress, but not cultivate it. Just as you trained your muscles in the right shape, you adapt a thought pattern by learning to use it right.

Creativity isn’t limited to work, but can also be applied to your hobbies and daily life. Another method to cultivate creativity is to teach the skill to others. By saying it out loud and encouraging others to be creative, you remind yourself of the same thing. Teaching others is, therefore, learning the skill to be creative twice.

Learn new things

Creativity is bound by your current skills. It can be exhaustive, where you use all the tricks of your trade and squeezed your mind dry with ideas. There comes a time where we reach the boundary of our knowledge and by then, it would seem like we’ve been doing the same thing over and over again.

It’s alright to hit rock bottom. It is identifying our limits. And by then, this is the chance to try new things!

Hitting the creativity wall sometimes means pushing past limits, always striving to be better. Being too caught up in the same pattern, repeating the same task can also stifle creativity. Sometimes it’s better to get away, try something new, and think something differently.

The magic of creativity is what idea you started with could always transform to be better.

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