Let’s Talk About Brain Hacks

How familiar are you with your brain?

There is a variety of topics about the brain, but a consistent theme would be how to use it effectively.

The brain is an exciting subject. People have studied it over the years, yet nobody has fully unlocked its maximum potential. How much more accessible would work be if only we knew the answer.

For one thing, it would always be unique per person. Everybody has different skills and specialties. We have different thoughts and hobbies. But biologically speaking, there are specific functions in your brain; we can jumpstart to activity. From here on out, you would have to personally follow through your development afterward.

Your brain is almost like a system. It is highly dependent on what you input. So, one of the basic suggestions I would give is always to be conscious of your actions.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Jim Kwik and his brain hacks. He is a famous brain coach who excels in memory and speed-reading lessons. But what many didn’t know was because of a childhood accident, he was once known as the “boy with a broken brain.”

No matter your age, background, or level of education, you can learn new ways to use your brain– Jim Kwik

There are different ways of enhancing brain performance. First would be to disprove the myth that learning only happens in school. Learning happens everywhere and at any time, only by processing your thoughts to absorb any new data present in our environment. Traditionally we’ve learned from school how to memorize our textbooks, but what about lessons on concentration? Motivation? How to improve your memory?

It’s important to know How to use our brains effectively.

Biologically, your brain is no different from the visible parts of your body. It has a physical form built like muscles; have you been training it properly? The brain also needs nutrition found in a specific food, so it’s essential to maintain a proper ‘brain diet.’ Don’t forget to get the right amount of sleep, too, because the brain performs a lot of nocturnal functions during your rest.

Another critical factor is the mindset. Your thoughts are a very powerful tool. Where your biological state improves the function of your brain, the mindset increases your performance level. Jim Kwik best explains it with: “If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.” Our brains are wired to search for a solution, but only if we are open to the possibility. You don’t believe me? Imagine a hypothetical situation where you are paid a million cash if you remember the next stranger’s name. That increase in awareness and anticipation would serve as the glue for your thoughts, and retaining a name would be all too easy.

How are you smart?

Remember, at the start of this article that different people have different brains. What may work for another person may not necessarily be true to you. But regardless, the potential and biological capacity of your brain functions continue to exist. It’s only a matter of learning how to make it work to your advantage.

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