Productivity tools you can use to get more things done as a Software Engineer

Software Engineers have it rough: between designing, maintaining, development, evaluating and testing all sorts of computer software there’s always something that needs to be done in so little time! With all of our work usually tied to developing high-quality computer software, it is imperative that we minimize distractions so that we can produce the best work possible and maximize our time as well as develop more software that can make an impact to people.

Add that up with more distracting things technology offers when the smartphone era starts to take off the market, apps like social media, endless movie streaming, messenger, and so on steals our attention away from the meaningful things we have to focus our time on. Because of this, we get less and less time to get something done.

Work can also be endless and chaotic. Like when you complete something and another assignment immediately takes place; or in a different situation where you finally finished the first part, only to see your work snowball to a bigger task. It’s almost impossible to determine how to get things done.

But living in the digital age, we get to have access to different productivity tools.

With productivity tools, we get to allocate time more efficiently and manage projects more clearly resulting in outputs with the maximum utility on our resources.

Workplace apps have been increasing in variety and interfaces that could be tailored to your unique preference, interests, and lifestyle. Here are eight (8) different tools you could learn to use to your advantage.


Sometimes the answer to being productive is basically on which job you would like to participate in. Taking in the number of hours you work, the time you spend to surf the internet, and other things you are scheduled to complete that day become critical factors to how much productivity you make, otherwise put as how much time did you use or waste. The time-management issue is key. With RescueTime you can schedule a specific number of hours, create reminders, block out distractions, and manage specifically where you want to spend your time. Its software has helpful charts that give both a history of your time activity and accurately analyzes which time frame best works for you.


is one of the best chatroom platforms for private, team, company, or business usage. It has idealized real-time messaging in an interface that is both easy to manipulate while continuously being meticulously organized. Additional features that make this software special is how file sharing and a powerful search engine is flawlessly integrated into its system. It excels in instant messaging but involves screen sharing, voice calls, multiple channels, and other benefits. The key feature of this app is that it also uses other apps that you may find yourself familiar with like: Trello, DropBox, Google Drive and many more.


With your bigger projects being broken down to specific tasks, you would need an organizational app such as Trello. Trello incorporates an easy to understand board display that is manipulated with lists, cards, and heading columns. It systematizes your plans and projects, turning ideas to actions. It lets you lay out your game plan in the most comprehensive way possible to both yourself and your team. The best part is it is also extremely accessible within android, mobile or desktop OS.


One of the best ways to get things done is with proper and organized records and Evernote is one of the easiest note-taking apps released. With four archives of notes, snapshots, audio or attachment files, and auto-sync with your e-notebook, tags, notes, and places locked by your location, Evernote automatically compiles your data to the current project selected. Some features like automatic recording and data accessibility let users plan or act on ideas spontaneously, resulting in instantaneous productivity.

Google Drive

As one of the universally used file storages on the internet, Google Drive continues to prove its efficiency and utility in the digital world of data. It lets you create online documents that can be used for spreadsheets, slides, manuscripts, and presentations. With Google Drive files can be accessible even from smartphones, IPad or desktop units. Its real-time system makes collaborative work between team members easier and systematized, where literally everybody is on the same page.


One of the biggest issues to productivity would always be the amount of distraction we have to face. Things like social media, entertainment sites, and even a casual search could slowly take away some minutes growing to hours until you realize you’ve finished up all your time. Freedom is an application that could help you. After being installed on your computer and mobile unit, Freedom syncs with your activities and could be programmed to block social media, the internet, and anything that can distract you. Freedom not only saves you from getting distracted but also serves as a scheduler for your activities. By blocking these distractions you allow yourself to completely concentrate and that results in better productivity.


LastPass is an account manager that provides both password security and utility. With the increase in work come multiple accounts that make it harder for you to remember it all, especially when providing a specific password, the more secure you desire it to be, the more complex it gets. LastPass is easy to understand and is accessible to both your desktop and your mobile unit. It organizes your account for easy access and could sync with some of your personal details like your bank accounts or specific address, thus providing all your listed accounts with uniform and consistent data.


I hope this article helped you improve your productivity in the age of hyper distractions.

A Software Engineer who loves to code and write articles.

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