Secrets of Productivity

Productivity is something everybody has the potential to be good at. There is no genetic compatibility or income invested in it. It is a skill you learn and practice that grows well over time.

Productivity is associated with successful people because “to do more is to earn more.”  Productivity is the means or process of achieving success. It is a factor, a very big and important factor, but its results are not measured by how well you could complete your to-do-list by the end of the day.

Don’t think that productivity is a mountain you have to overcome because its standards are not based by the quality of your results. Productivity is not just by how much you can achieve but also by how much you learn to achieve.


To be productive is to know what you plan to produce. Some people can accomplish this best with a color-coded flow chart or an effective business diagram. Others have to think deeper, relying on motivation to push through. Either way, to efficiently execute your plan of action, one has to have a central goal in mind.

Your goal must be specific and reasonable. If you plan to start a new project, this would mean breaking it down to smaller objectives. If you are conceptualizing a new idea, then it would be identifying a central theme or impression you want to make.

When you have a goal, it’s easier to stay concentrated by keeping that in mind. You can ignore anything unrelated that may act as distractions and best utilize resources available to how they would serve your needs.


It helps if you have a working system and it’s important to learn to stick to it. You invest time and effort into the set tasks to get them done.

A simple but golden rule in productivity is: never waste time and have an idea of what to do next.

For example, preparing for your task beforehand or readying all the necessary tools that would be needed the following day. This serves as a reminder of what to do next, giving you the opportunity to do more instead of simply thinking about it, which eats up more of your time and thoughts. You need the breathing space to let creative ideas flow with enough time to act upon them


Productivity feeds off productivity. It can be small things or big things, but success is an open flame and your achievements are the firewood. You use your previous day as a springboard to move onwards to your next task.

The best way to settle this is by creating a habit. You need to create a routine every day until it becomes a natural behavior. This may seem like a minor solution, but the effects will be evident in the long-term process.

Progress is constant, not perfect. If you attack the day, you win by successfully doing something. If you don’t, life will whisk you away and carry you in its currents. Take control of your life by building it to your advantage.  Your habits will be the foundation for the future you aim to create.


You don’t need a great start. Have you ever used the phrases: but I don’t know where to begin or I don’t think I’m ready? That’s okay. The important thing is to start somewhere.

Productivity will come naturally when you’ve started to build your own momentum. This includes following the set instructions from above. You can start as a beginner or learn from previous mistakes. Your experience will accumulate and learning from these will be clear signs of progress.

Productivity is a cycle of repeatedly moving forward. Mistakes could happen at any time and this is how you know you’ll improve, by comparing yourself from previous experiences. By naturally taking control of the situation and progressing to your set goals, you can surely achieve the productivity you want.

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