Stop Wasting Time: 6 Productivity Apps That Manage Time

Time is the one resource we have definitely. There are only a few given seconds in a day. Instead of letting it pass, it’s better to allocate it to a specific schedule organizer

Every second of the day counts. Every moment that passes would never come back. And every opportunity grabbed is a step closer to your goal.

Time management is not the easiest thing to handle.

Our mobile devices and other technologies have often caused more harm than help. How many times has a phone served as an ideal distraction device in contrast to its technical support system? That instead of using it to search and farther our progress, we use it as a means to escape and momentary respite? A momentary that escalates from a 5-minute break too quickly a few hours?

But we all know for a fact that we’ve become reliant on technologies. It’s utility far outweighs the cons of hazard use. So instead of discrimination against technological innovations, let us use it to help facilitate our time schedules.

Time management apps and tools have been created for that specific reason. You are not alone in this struggle.

For this reason, I provide several of the most popular tools for time tracking. This will also serve as multiple options and platforms to best serve your needs. Each app has a specific set of advantages and interfaces with particular specialties to use.

That said, here are 6 time management apps you can use.


Forest app is a straightforward application in comparison to the other time management tools. It works for mobile and as a google extension in desktop. It serves as a countdown timer, and as you leave your phone, it grows a tree for your personalized ‘forest.’ The app shop has a variety of trees to choose from to be bought by the points you earn. With enough points, you can even buy an actual tree for the environment.

What Forest app offers is instant gratification or quick results. For at least 10 minutes, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with a cute little tree. Forest app also has tags and a statistical view for the total number of minutes you’ve avoided your phone with a daily, weekly, and monthly report.


If your main issue is time management, then you should try time trackers such as Toggl. Toggl notes your activities and could segregate them according to projects or clients (if you’re working online). It’s one of the most famous applications because results and timesheets can easily be monitored and shared in real-time.

Toggl is basically a timer. Its special feature is accurately reporting the results of your projects. You can also operate and track multiple projects at the same time. Each project can be organized with tabs and descriptions. It summarizes your performance with statistical graphs that are easy to understand. Toggl can help you get the job done by managing your time for you efficiently.


Freedom is a bought program that can help you block all your devices. From your smartphones, tablets, and computers, it syncs all your devices and actively blocks out distractions. Something we can be quite familiar with nowadays.

Professionals would appreciate the Freedom application. If you have multiple accounts and websites to handle online, then avoiding specific distractions can be impossible. Notifications, for example, would pop up randomly. Some of these might need immediate replies and therefore serve as distractions.

Freedom can be programmed to select only specific distracting sites like social media, emails, and videos. It can be scheduled for a particular number of hours. You can also organize days ahead of your preference, preparing a timetable of activities for you to follow through.


Perhaps, instead of creating a personalized schedule, you would want to track your activities for the day. If so, then Rescue Time is definitely the app for you. It has a very detailed interface for monitoring the different websites you’ve used for the day. It calculates the total hours spent and even categorizes it between productivity or distracting sites. Their main slogan is to “Understand where your time goes.”

Rescue Time best helps you understand how you spend your time. This is because of the key features and tools integrated into the program itself. It is an automatic tracker even without manual input. It monitors your productivity rate and activities achieved. Most importantly, all these data are presented in an organized statistical report with graphs and charts. This is something analytical minds might enjoy.


For people who want to take productivity and discipline to the next level, you might like Beeminder. They help you achieve a quantifiable goal, like a number of productivity hours or weight loss, with an incentive. This would be the feature to bet real money for your success.

Beeminder provides all the necessary help it could for your success. They send constant reminders through emails and even text messages. Beeminder also has a graph for your activities, with projected goals for ideal milestones. They monitor your success through the data you would encode in the system. The key feature of this app, though is your commitment by pledging in cash, starting at $5. If you manage to stay on track, then you would never have to pay a cent to Beeminder. But if you fail in your set goals, the penalty pay would continue to rise. It is a powerful motivation tool.


Remember the Milk is one of the oldest productivity apps released and remains to be one of the best. It has a complete collection of necessary tools like calendars, to-do-lists, and tags. It comes with a desktop and mobile program that makes it easy to integrate into your everyday life.

This task management application has a comical and user-friendly interface. But it is a powerful tool that can combine with your other accounts like emails, google docs, and even some apps like Wunderlist. You can quickly organize your tasks with subtasks, smart lists, and tags. There are simply too many features that make Remember The Milk a great time saver.

As you can see, there is a variety and different assortment of productivity applications. These are only some examples for them. Pick which best suits your needs and remember to use it to your advantage.

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