Working Hard versus Working Smart

By its nature, work happens when we physically and mentally exert effort to create progress. It helps you achieve your goals. Creating your plans and striving to make them a reality will be the definition of your life’s success.

It’s not always easy. You will meet some form of resistance or challenge, and work is overcoming that struggle and growing past it. Determination, Perseverance, and Willpower, for example, are some of the key characteristics you would develop along the way. 

Now that we’ve discussed what work is and why it is essential, let us move on with how to work.  

Everybody has their style of work, and you would be the one to define what works best. There are many different ways you could go about this, but most of the techniques in working come down to two categories.  

These two categories are “Working Hard” and “Working Smart.”  

Working Hard

Working Hard is about putting time and effort into a certain amount of work. You see your goal and work with a single-minded focus to accomplish it. Working hard aims the quality of the result. Most importantly, it would always get the job done. All you need is the effort and determination to make it a reality, without ever giving up. Your results would often be fulfilling and satisfying to yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes hard work after a long period could become monotonous. You could lose sight of your goal, or your motivation runs out. A hard-consistent drive would eventually take its toll on you.  

Working Smart

Working Smart is working at less time when performing a specific task. It achieves a considerable amount of quantity results. Working smart is about creatively taking over your responsibilities, finding a shortcut, or cutting the job to smaller sections. Sometimes, it could be completing unfinished work, or taking up from old ideas instead of remaking a whole new concept, working smart aims to be productive by measuring the accomplishments instead of time invested. Working stylish brings the topic of priorities, to stop unnecessary distractions and multitasking. It creates a character with excellent judgment skills and level-headed decisions.  

What’s More

There is a third option. Although the previous concepts sound contradictory, you can consider doing both simultaneously. Working hard lets you understand the depth of your tasks, so you devise a plan to work smartly. Working smart is seeing another way to work aside from working hard. By framing the possibilities, it becomes easier to see how to fulfills a task. One could have prepared a template beforehand. Preparation becomes an essential part of working smarter, and how do you prepare? By working hard previously! You could also work smart by knowing your strengths. How can you make the work more manageable with the skills you already possess?  

Take a lesson from this: working smart is also working hard. It merely goes a step further by saving time. How can you cut the working time, and what will you do with the extra time? See, you’re already thinking about how to work smart! It is crucial to reduce your struggle and time with the task.   

Hard work without smart results is a waste of time and energy.  

The way how you think about the situation can make a difference. It is the true nature of how to do work best. Identify the critical parts, your goal, purpose, and way of execution. Read more on the different posts this blog has to get ideas about it. 


In conclusion, everybody has their version of working, with their unique strategies of how to get the job done. Keep a positive mindset, and continue working. Regardless of what you choose, be consistent with your efforts, and you will surely benefit from the rewards. All these strategies have their weakness, but they also have their strengths. Hopefully, you’ll also turn what you learned today as your strength. 

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